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Your well-being and how psychotherapy can help

I work with people across the lifespan. My role is to keep us on track and to keep our work together relevant, secure and sustaining. Your job is just to be yourself. The power of the relationship is the key, and I will listen, advise and support you to get you on the path to a better and more fulfilling life.

Relationship Problems

At times emotions can feel out of control, and important relationships are strained or broken. In some cases people struggling with these feelings use addiction or self-destructive behaviors which may make them feel better in the short term, but confused and empty later on.

Diagnoses such as Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety or Panic Attacks, Bipolar Disorder,  or Borderline Personality Disorder can be relieving for some as it helps to put a label to what they are going through; but others may find a diagnosis painfully stigmatizing. The bottom line is: people experiencing these kinds of problems have been hurt, and want to be understood. Either way, these conditions often come along with depression, anxiety and emotional turmoil.

If some of these feelings seem familiar then I can work with you to make a plan to start to help you regain control of your life.

Anxiety & Depression

These are experiences everyone has from time to time. When they seem to go on and on, feel overwhelming or keep coming back, it may be time to talk to someone who can help. Are your relationships not as rich as you’d like them to be? While there are many reasons for depression and anxiety to occur, many find this particularly stressful.

Older Adults

Are you, or a parent or loved one, experiencing issues related to aging such as retirement, illness memory loss or empty nest? As you move into the later stages of your life are you starting to wonder ‘what’s next?’



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