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Psychology and Your Health - Helping patients with chronic illness and pain conditions


Your health and well-being – how psychology can help

Illness and pain do not affect just your body. If you are being treated for any of the following chronic conditions, you may also be experiencing the symptoms of depression and anxiety: Diabetes, Cancer, HIV, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Other chronic medical condition.

If you are experiencing illness or pain, I may be able to help. I will work with you through the challenges that come along with the new limitations brought on by the condition.

Managing symptoms

Are you struggling to manage the symptoms of chronic pain or illness?

Engaging in your activities

Are you finding it more difficult or impossible to engage in activities and hobbies you used to enjoy?

Health and medication regimens

Are you trying to incorporate new diet, exercise and medication routines into your life?


Are you finding that your relationships are suffering, or that the significant others in your life do not understand what you are going through?



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