More About Me

During my training and postdoctoral placement I consistently sought out experiences that involved working in multi-disciplinary environments – with physicians, psychiatrists, epidemic disease experts, nutritionists and other professionals. I found that it was through these types of collaborations that we were able to maximize the all-around level of care received by our mutual patients.


Since then, I have maintained an ongoing board-level involvement with professional organizations in the field of psychology. I have also completed advanced training in psychotherapy. At the same time, I have continued my collaborative work with physicians in the Philadelphia area. For example, when indicated, and with your permission, I will seek out active dialogue with your other medical providers.


I have been invited to lecture on psychological topics to physicians and residents in primary care and training settings, including the Chestnut Hill Family Practice Residency Program, and the Jefferson University Hospital Pain Clinic.


While much of my collaborative work is with traditional medical care practitioners, I believe in research-supported CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) treatments. While I only use those CAM techniques that complement psychotherapy, i.e. relaxation and breathing exercises, and guided imagery; I refer to other specialists, including acupuncturists, and chiropractors, those patients who are interested in such options.