For Couples

  • 4 When couples run into trouble, it is usually involves finding themselves in repetitive patterns of behavior, such as anger and withdrawal, that might blow over for the moment, but then seem to keep coming back. When working with couples, the goal is to get to recognize these patterns, as they are happening, and to then find ways to create changes within these cycles, allowing for the intimacy and connection to come through.

  • Depression

  • 4 Depression We sometimes gets confused with sadness. But patients report that there are important differences between the two. Depression typically involves feelings of emptiness or or numbness - what patients describe as an absence of feelings, along with the feelings themselves. While people in depression may also feel such things as guilt or anger, they sometimes report that they are not sure why they are feeling this way.

  • Anxiety

  • 4 Anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful or fearful situations. We all need anxiety to warn us, and to motivate us. Anxiety can become a problem when we can't identify the source of the problem: we feel anxious, but don't know why. Or when the anxiety is itself frightening or overwhelming.

  • Medical Illness and Chronic Pain

  • 4 Illness and pain that lasts a significant length of time is often draining, frustrating, and can come along with various other problems over time, such as stress, anxiety and depression. It can impact work, school and important relationships. It's important to be aware of our feelings in these situations. And to take care of ourselves and to adjust to changing needs.

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • 4 We call it a trauma when there is an event or series of events that feels overwhelming. Sometimes images and memories, or nightmares, about these events can keep coming back after the event itself has passed. Sometimes there are other efects related to original trauam effects that can intrude. These may include anger, numbness, guilt, flashbacks or social withdrawal.

  • Relationships

  • 4 Sometimes patients find that they are experiencing a series of difficulties in one significant relationship, or sometimes in multiple relationships. They may struggle to understand why these kinds of things appear to keep happening. I work within the therapeutic relationship to help patients come to an understanding of their own patterns of relating. And to see what kinds of changes can be made to improve their social world.

  • Psychosis

  • 4 In progress...
  • Addiction

  • 4 In progress...