I have referred many patients to Dan without reservation for psychotherapy. He has contributed significantly to the mental health of many of my very complicated patients with his tremendous insight into their mental health needs. Dan has been a tremendous asset to Philadelphia FIGHT and brought a unique perspective through his particular interest in pain management in HIV positive patients. He has been an extremely caring and calming influence at Philadelphia FIGHT and readily develops terrific rapport with patients, their families, and their medical providers.


Laura P. Bamford, MD, MSCE
Staff Physician, Jonathan Lax Treatment Center
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine
The Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania





I am incredibly impressed with Dr Dan Livney’s care of patients – particularly because I haven’t given him any “easy referrals”. He, in fact, has taken on some of my most medically complex patients with serious mental health issues. I have been consistently impressed (and honestly, surprised) by how much improvement I have seen in the mental health of the patients for whom we share care. And sharing care is the right term, because more than any other mental health provider, I have been in contact with Dr Livney regularly and consistently. He will call or stop by to touch base every few months to “run the list” of patients and make sure our goal-setting is coordinated, or to tell me about any “red flags” that came up with patients. Patients notice this too – I have had several refer to Dr Livney and me their “team.” I look forward to continuing to work with him; he is a great asset to my practice, and I recommend him very highly.


Joe Metmowlee Garland, MD
Physician, Jonathan Lax Center / Philadelphia FIGHT
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania





He has worked closely with me in the care of several of my most complicated patients, and has exemplified care, compassion, and expertise in diagnosis and ongoing psychological support for these patients. He has demonstrated competence in caring for patients with a wide range of mental health disorders, including depression, generalized anxiety, PTSD, and personality disorders. Several of my patients feel they have made significant progress under his close eye. He exemplifies professionalism with a focus on close communication with the patients’ primary care providers on the medical side. He can always be counted on to reach out to me on a regular basis to “check in” on patients and communicate regarding ongoing active issues and new avenues of treatment to explore.


Helen C. Koenig, MD, MPH
Physician, Jonathan Lax Treatment Center
Assistant Professor of Medicine
The Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania





Our patients are never simple, and often present with multiple, interconnected problems: medical, social, and psychological. Often in our work we struggle to understand the many sides of the challenges our patients have in their lives, and in the ways we find these challenges are posed to us by clients who oten themselves have an unclear understanding of the nature and origin of their symptoms. I have observed Dan Livney’s work during his tenure here and have been struck by the distinctly collaborative approach which he takes with us during our case conferences. He strives to understand not only the nature of the problem the client is experiencing, but also the nature of the problem the treating clinician may be struggling with in thinking about how to best help the client. Dr. Livney appears to enjoy learning from our medical experiences, and in return often brings creative insights to ways of helping us work interpersonally with some of the confounding and difficult problems that we often face with our patients.


Karam C. Mounzer, M.D.
Medical Director of Philadelphia FIGHT
Clinical Assoc. Professor of Medicine at UPENN/Infectious
Disease Division at Presbyterian Medical Center